September 26, 2020

The Best Cheap Bluetooth Speakers

If you have been trying to get your self Bluetooth speakers and you haven’t been able probably because of the cost, well we have good news for you as we present the best cheap Bluetooth speakers 2019. Perhaps, one of these or more will be able to meet your budget. Do not undermine these speakers because we say they are cheap, these speakers include top brands such as JBL, Bose, and even Sony.

The best cheap Bluetooth speakers come with a lot of power, water resistant ability and are durable.

Without further delay, find below the best cheap Bluetooth speakers that match your budget.

JBL Clip 2

best cheap Bluetooth speakers

Need a snap-on speaker? Check out JBL’s Clip 2

Weight: 0.41 lb | Battery life: 8 hours | Frequency response: 120Hz – 20kHz | Waterproof: Yes | USB charging: Yes

If you need a really cheap waterproof Bluetooth speaker, Look no further the JBL Clip 2 is here for you. Not only is it cheap, but it also has powerful sound and a long-lasting battery. It’s completely waterproof – which makes it a perfect companion for a pool or a day at the beach. In addition, it can be hooked up to a second JBL Clip speaker for some sweet stereo sound. Cheap and convenient all in one package. This makes it one of the best cheap Bluetooth speakers on this list.


  • Ultra cheap
  • incredibly tiny


  • Not very loud

Creative Muvo Mini

best cheap Bluetooth speakers

Want something waterproof? Try the Muvo Mini

Weight: 0.6 lb | Battery life: 10 hours | Wireless range: N/A | Waterproof: Yes | NFC: Yes | Aux-in: Yes | USB charging: Yes

If you’re a pool party lover or you like visiting the beach and you need a Bluetooth speaker that’s cheap and well waterproofed, then the Creative Muvo Mini is the one to buy. It takes all the features you could want in a Bluetooth speaker such as weather-proofing and a decent battery and combines them into a surprisingly affordable package. On the downside, it’s not as loud as other expensive speakers, but it’s worth buy since you need something cheap.


  • Waterproof
  • Good battery life


  • Again, audio isn’t loud

JBL Flip 3

Looking for the robust audio experience? JBL Flip 3 is your answer

Weight: 1.76 lb | Battery life: 20 hours | Frequency response: 65Hz-20kHz | Waterproof: Yes | NFC: No | Aux-in: Yes | USB charging: Yes

The JBL Flip 3 is an awesome-sounding Bluetooth speaker with great bass response, its mids are rich and highs are crisp. This speaker offers a 3,000mAh internal battery that’s capable of about 10 hours of life and an internal microphone that allows you answers calls by pressing the phone button. On its back, there’s a micro-USB port for charging the Flip 3 and a 3.5mm input for wired listening. Just relax and enjoy the smooth sound.


  • Robust, full sound
  • Ultra-portable
  • 10-hour battery life


Ultimate Ears Roll 2

Go poolside with this great, cheap Bluetooth speaker

Weight: 0.73 lb | Battery life: 9 hours | Wireless range: 100 feet | Frequency response: 108Hz – 20kHz | Drivers: one 2-inch driver with two ¾ tweeters | Waterproof: Yes, water-resistant **NFC:** No | Aux-in: No | USB charging: No

Another ideal speaker for the beach-side is the Ultimate Ear Roll 2. The UE Roll 2 is a speaker that’s waterproof, compact and fits great in a bag. It boasts a 50-foot wireless range, exceptional clarity around the mids and highs and won’t malfunction after a little splash of water. There are lots of other great Bluetooth speaker deals out there but, if you want a speaker with a wild design, this level of sound performance and an unbeatable, 50-foot wireless range, Ultimate Ears’ Roll 2 is the epitome of water-resilient audio equipment. This makes it one of the best cheap Bluetooth speakers on this list.


  • Perfect for the pool
  • Directional sound


  • A bit older

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom

Epic 360-degree sound

Weight: 0.93 pounds | Battery life: Up to 10 hours | Wireless range: 100 ft | Frequency response: 80 Hz – 20 kHz | Drivers: two 40 mm active drivers and two 46.1mm x 65.2mm passive radiators | Waterproof: Yes | NFC: No | Bluetooth version: N/A | Aux-in: No | USB charging: No

Another product from Ultimate Ears is the brand-new UE Wonderboom. Although it quite similar to Roll 2, but the wonderboom is capable of 360-degree sound, which is perfect for parties where people are a bit more dispersed and amps up the bass. This makes the UE Wonderboom one of the best waterproof Bluetooth speakers you can buy.

In addition, the wonderboom is completely waterproof, offers true 360-degree sound, features a 100-foot range and can pair two devices simultaneously.


  • 360-degree sound
  • Still waterproof


  • No speakerphone

Sony SRS-X11

A UK shopper? Sony’s got the market cornered

Weight: .47 lb | Battery life: 12 hours | Wireless range: N/A | Frequency response: 20–20,000 Hz | Waterproof: No | NFC: Yes | Aux-in: Yes | USB charging: Yes

If you’re looking for a cheap, light and moderately powerful speaker to liven up your living room, then the Sony SRS-X11 Bluetooth speakers are what you need. This speaker packs 12 hours of battery life in a 2.4 x 2.4 x 2.4 inch (W x H x D) shell and outputs 10w of power. In addition, it has a decent frequency response of 20–20,000 Hz (with 44.1 kHz sampling) and only weighs around 7 ounces. Once again, it’s cheap, lightweight and moderately powerful. Making it one of the best cheap Bluetooth speakers available.


  • Great price for the UK
  • Great frequency response


  • Expensive in other countries

Ultimate Ears BOOM 2

best cheap bluetooth speakers

Meet the ultimate party speaker

Weight: 1.2 lb | Battery life: 15 hours | Wireless range: 100 ft | Frequency response: 90Hz – 20kHz | Drivers: two 45mm (1 3/4″) active drivers and two 45mm x 80mm **Waterproof:** Yes | NFC: Yes | Aux-in: Yes | USB charging: Yes

If you need something a bit bigger for your next party, the Ultimate Ears Boom 2, is the Best Bluetooth Speaker you should be looking at. The UE Boom is ultra-powerful and, like the UE Roll and UE Wonderboom, is 100% splashproof, making it the perfect companion for any outdoor event on your agenda. So for that next big party of yours, why not get this cheap Bluetooth speaker to save your spending cost.


  • Brilliant design
  • Robust feature set


  • Battery life could be better

Razer Leviathan Mini

Razer’s miniature monster sure can make a racket

Weight: 1.28 lb | Battery life: 10 hours | Wireless range: 30 ft | Frequency response: 180Hz – 20KHz | Drivers: Full range: 2.00″ x 2.50″ tweeter: 2.00″ x 0.74″ | NFC: Yes | Aux-in: Yes | USB charging: Yes

Another best cheap Bluetooth speaker on this list is the Razer Leviathan mini. Although they are new, their features aren’t that different from most of the Bluetooth speakers on this list. Which includes 10hours battery life, lightweight and a wireless range of 30ft. The pairing process could be a bit difficult, but apart from that, its a very cheap, portable and affordable Bluetooth speaker.


  • Ultra-portable
  • Pairs with the second unit


  • The pairing process is difficult

best cheap Bluetooth speakers

A portable, colorful and moderately cheap Bluetooth speaker

Weight: 1.25 lb | Battery life: 8 hours | Wireless range: 30 ft | Waterproof: Yes | NFC: Yes | Aux-in: Yes | USB charging: Yes

Bose is a brand well known and associated with high-end audio gear, but the company is also more than capable of producing speakers that are also good and affordable. With no dough, the Bose sound link color is one of the best cheap Bluetooth speakers on this list. Apart from the booming sounds it offers, they also have amazing battery life and lacks modern features.


  • Booming sound
  • Awesome battery life


  • Lacks modern features

Of course, no one makes a 32-watt amp, but a 40- or 50-watt receiver or amplifier should do fine. If the amp or receiver you want puts out, say, 100 watts, don’t worry about it. Remember, at average listening levels with typical speakers, any amp is putting out only about 1 watt, anyway.
Actually yes, they are. Bluetooth speakers are portable and they offer great and amazing sounds. They sound better than your normal phone speaker and are mostly used for entertainment.
Wired speakers offer the most dependable and high-quality sound as compared to their wireless counterparts. Wired speakers are rarely affected by interference like wireless speakers. They are never affected by Wi-Fi outages. Wired speakers are relatively less expensive in comparison to wireless speakers