September 26, 2020

The 8 Best Laptop Power Banks

One of the most important reason we prefer working with a laptop is because of it’s portability and power storage. When buying a laptop, we all need one that has a good battery life. But having a laptop with the best battery life isn’t good enough. For backup purposes or emergencies, you will need a laptop power bank to charge your battery.

Using a laptop power bank will help you keep your laptop on the go in situations where you forget to charge your laptop battery. Also if your laptop battery is getting weak you might need a laptop power to support it. A good laptop power bank is lightweight and holds more power capacity than your normal laptop battery.

So if you are looking to get a new laptop power bank, we have them all reviewed, tested and approved for you.

The 10 Best Laptop Power Bank

power bank

Battery Life Weight No of Ports
50,000 mAh 2.77 pounds 6

The MAXOAK Laptop power bank is one of the best and most powerful power banks ever. with an amazing battery life of up to 50,000 mAh, be rest assured your battery will nor run down for days. With this power bank at hand, you could go with your laptop into the most remote village for weeks and still come out with your laptop fully charged. It also features six charging ports. One is a 20-volt/3-amp port for laptops, one is 12-volt/2.5-amp port for digital cameras, two are 5-volt/2.1-amp USB ports and two 5 volt/1 amp USB ports.

In addition, it includes 14 types of laptop connectors, so it covers most models apart from Apple laptops. Finally, it weighs about 2.77 pounds, which is about the same weight of some laptops. So it is comfortable to carry around without stress.

Battery Life Weight No of Ports
36,000 mAh 1.98 pounds 4

This version of MAXOAK is meant for people using MacBook made between 2006 and 2018. As explained earlier, this is a very durable laptop power bank and It comes with every type of MacBook adapter, and it’s also compatible with USB-C PD to power other laptops up to 45W.

In addition, It’ll charge an iPhone X nearly nine times, or double the life of your 15-inch MacBook Pro. Also, It’s even been styled to perfectly complement your Apple gadgets. There are also four outputs, and you can use all of them at the same time. One 16.8V/4.6A output for MagSafe 1 and 2 devices, one USB-C PD up to 45W, and two other 5V/2.1A USB-A adapters for smartphones and tablets.

Finally, it weighs a total of 1.98 pounds, which is about the weight of some laptops, thereby making it easy to carry around

laptop power bank

Battery Life Weight No of Ports
27,000 mAh 1.56 pounds 2

The ChargeTech Laptop Power bank is a fascinating piece of device. It weighs about 1.56 pounds, well designed and has a battery life of upto 27,000 mAh. With these characteristics, it can charge electronic items that are up to 85 watts, including laptops, digital cameras, curling irons and more.

On top of having an AC outlet, it also has two USB ports that charge at 2.4 amps, so you can easily charge your phone or tablet too. When this power bank is fully charged, it has the capacity to charge electronics item that are up-to 85 Watts and it has an indicator light that notifies you how much bar of battery is left.

Battery Life Weight No of Ports
26,800 mAh 1.36 pounds 4

Anker’s brand of laptop power bank is one of the most compact-able. It has the capacity to charge an apple device as well as an android or Windows laptop. Apart from their Bluetooth speakers they have also come up with this amazing power bank which is about 1.36 pounds and has a battery life of up-to 26,800 mAh. According to the manufacturers, the Anker is capable of charging an iPhone x from 0% to 100% six times.

In addition, it comes with a total of four ports plus a 30W USB-C wall charger with Power Delivery. a nice bonus that will also work for laptops and other high power devices like pro-level tablets and the Nintendo Switch.

laptop power bank

Battery Life Weight No of Ports
26,800 mAh 1.36 pounds 4

RAVPower have been know to produce power banks for only phones and tablets. But recently, they stepped up and introduced the RAVPower 26800 PD Laptop Power Bank. This power comes with a battery life of 26,800 mAh and an indicator light to determine the battery levle while charging and discharging.

According to the manufactures, It’s  26,800 mAh battery pack will recharge itself in four to five hours and hold enough power to charge up a MacBook and an iPhone 10 times, an Android around six times, and more. Finally, It offers a 2.4A USB charger for mobile devices, and it’s packaged in a wear-resistant shell that looks and feels good.

laptop power bank

Battery Life Weight No of Ports
22,000 mAh 1.70 pounds 4

The Mophie Powerstation according to it’s manufactures can provide up to 15 hours of dedicated charging for a laptop. In addition, it can charge your smartphones and every other device provided it has a port to fit in. Weighing about 1.70 pound, this power bank is portable, well built and comes with a battery life of about 22,000 mAh. According to reviews from users, this power is best charges fast, faster than its competitors.

Another capability of this power bank is that you can be charging it along side using it to charge other devices. It also comes with indicator lights that indicate battery levels and charging status.

Finally, the exterior is wrapped in premium fabric so your devices won’t get scratched if they’re packed together.

laptop power bank

Battery Life Weight No of Ports
412Wh 11lbs 11

This isn’t a portable battery for regular use; in fact, it won’t even fit comfortably in most bags. Instead, it’s the perfect over-sized power solution for your car, mobile home, camping trip, or anywhere else that lacks a power outlet.

Featuring a total of 11 outputs, the RIVER provides two AC, two DC, a single 12V car, two USB-C with Power Delivery, and four USB-A outlets (two of which feature 5V/2.4A quick charge). It’ll hold its 412Wh charge for up to a year.

It’ll fully recharge in six hours using the included AC input, or nine hours with the included car charger. You’ll get more than five full laptop charges out of it, and you can use all 11 outputs simultaneously. At 11lbs, it’s not light but comes with a built-in carry handle. So if you need more than just a power bank, the EcoFlow RIVER is what you might be looking. it give you solution to power problem.

Battery Life Weight No of Ports
50,000 mAH 2.6 6

Another high-capacity power bank with 50,000 mAH is the PowerOak laptop powerbank. it Measures about 8.15 x 1.3 x 5.35 inches and weighing just about 2.6 pounds. The PowerOak packs a powerful punch into a small package and it makes for a great road trip companion. Unfortunately, due to it’s high voltage, the device is not approved for air travel. The PowerOak offers six output ports, each with a different voltage, to accommodate the charging needs of a wide range of devices.

It contains one 20V/5A port for laptops, one 12V/2.5A port for digital cameras, two 5V/2.1A and two 5V/1A USB ports for tablets and smart phones. The PowerOak comes with 14 laptop adapters which are compatible with almost every major electronic brand including Samsung, Dell, Lenovo, HP, ASUS, and other Windows PCs. Amazing right!

The PowerOak’s high charging capacity promises quick charging speeds and protection against short-circuiting and overheating. Its lithium-ion polymer battery is equipped with six layers of security, ensuring safe use for at least 1,000 recharge cycles.

lastly, the device features a fire-retardant, corrosion-resistant, aluminum exterior, which keeps the charger looking brand new even after months of use.


Before buying any device either a laptop for business or a laptop power bank, there are things you need to lookout for. First you need to consider the price, the size, and the design. other things to consider before buying a laptop power bank are

What to Look for in a Portable Laptop Power Bank

Power Capacity

When picking a portable laptop power bank, one of your primary and most important considerations should be its capacity to store energy (measured in mAh). This states the device’s battery life before it needs to be recharged. Also Be sure that the battery has equal or more capacity than the one already inside your machine so that you can expect a full charge and full charge over again.


Some portable chargers can be a bit slow when outputting a charge, so be sure that the battery you’re purchasing has an output equal to or higher than the wattage of your typical laptop charger. To know the wattage of the device, check the label on the device.


Obviously, it’s critical to make sure that you can plug your laptop into your new portable charger. Check to see the type of inputs the charger supports — whether that’s a standard wall outlet plug, a USB-C port, or other universal solutions. If the connectors don’t fit in to your laptop, do not force it, or you might end up having a charging port problem.