September 27, 2020

Review: Everything You Need to Know About Bixtrary’s Media Coverage, Brand Mention And Link Building Platform

So let me guess….

Bixtrary has been raving for some time now, especially in the world of SEO and media coverage.

And you’d like to know what the rave is all about right?

If so, you’re at the right place.

In this post, I’m going to share everything I know about Bixtrary based on my experience with their service.

I’m going to share the good, the bad and the ugly.


Alright, let’s get started.

What Is Bixtrary

Bixtrary is a 2-in-1 name. A name that represents two different things.

First, it is the name of a company that specializes in helping business of all size grow online through effective brand mention, media coverage and acquisition of powerful backlinks to generate traffic and rank higher in search engines.

Secondly, the name Bixtrary is also the technique the company employs in achieving it’s above stated mission.

According to inside sources, Bixtrary was formed to solve one of the thorny, double-edged problems when it comes to running an online business.

The first problem is that encountered by journalists, webmasters and bloggers; and the second problem is the one encountered by business owners and SEO professionals.

To succeed online, especially when it comes to generating targeted traffic through search engines, business owners need to get their brands mentioned in websites potential clients or customers visit, as well as acquire as many high quality backlinks that will make their company website rank higher in search engines.

To achieve this, the business owner have two options…

1. Pay for media coverage, brand mention and backlinks, or
2. Acquire backlinks and brand mention organically without paying for them.

Both options above have their unique set of challenges.

Paying for brand mention and backlinks does not come cheap.

As someone who has been in the blogosphere for long, I’ve seen web authors and web masters charge very high rate just to mention a brand in their post, or link to such brand.

Depending on the niche in which the business is in, as well as the authority of the website where brand mention or link is sought, web masters often charge anywhere from $50 to something as high as $2,000.

For many businesses and start-ups, this would be a huge problem as it would require very deep pockets to acquire links or the kind of media coverage that will move the needle in their favor.

For example, if a business needs about 100 links to outrank their closest competitor in Google, the business would hope to spend a minimum of $5,000 to get coverage and acquire backlinks to their website.

And if the business is in a highly competitive niches, that amount could easily swell to $200,000.

For businesses that can’t afford to pay to play, they have no option but to put on their creative hats, and turn on the cold email and outreach campaign.

And this brings us to the second problem Bixtrary is out to solve.

Because trying to get tons of backlinks, brand mention and media coverage organically is extremely hard.

It requires sending out tons of email without any guarantee whatsoever that you’ll land a backlink, a brand mention, or media coverage.

From the business point of view, this is time consuming and extremely ineffective.

From the web masters point of view, this is often regarded as spam and completely ignored in 90% of the cases.

In cases where the cold email outreach is about writing a guestpost for the target website, this often results in more work for the webmaster, journalist or bloggger as he or she have to read all the emails landing in her inbox, reply to the email for guestpost, proofread and edit the post and then schedule it for publication.

And if the target website is a very well known website in the industry, it’s more likely that there are hundreds or thousands of people sending the same guestpost pitch per day.

So from the business point of view and from the webmaster point of view, trying to get brand mention, backlinks and media coverage organically is both time and resources inefficient.

And that’s where Bixtrary comes in!

The Bixtrary Technique/Solution

In order to solve the above problems and make it easier for people to grow their businesses online, Bixtrary launched their legendary Bixtrary technique.

The Bixtrary technique is a simple, yet highly effective method that efficiently removes the barriers that painfully prevent businesses from growing as fast as they’d want online.

On one hand, it eliminates the huge cost as well as the timeframe it takes for businesses to get media coverage, brand mention and backlinks.

And on the other hand, it also help bloggers, journalists and web masters to get the high quality content they need without writing it themselves, and without engaging in those numerous back-and-forth email correspondence that wastes time and prolong business growth.

How The Bixtrary Technique Works

The Bixtrary technique works in a similar fashion to HARO, however with a unique twist.

It is often referred to as the HARO for Business Owners!

It serves as the missing link between businesses and media owners.

Just like HARO, the Bixtrary technique involves creating a unique platform for both business owners and bloggers/webmasters/journalists.

However, that’s where the similarities end.

Unlike HARO, Bixtrary goes a mile further by introducing a “guarantee” of landing a backlink or brand mention or media coverage.

One of the drawbacks of HARO is the fact that there’s no guarantee of landing a backlink, or media coverage or brand mention.

While with HARO, a journalist/blogger may make a request for answers, there’s no guarantee whatsoever that the blogger or journalist will make use of the answers you provide or mention your business or any of your products in their articles.

However, with Bixtrary, whenever you write about a query or keyword, there’s a guarantee of getting it published by a blogger or journalist that they’ve partnered with.

Over 5,000 Bloggers, Webmasters And Journalists

Currently, as at the time of writing this post, Bixtrary has over 5,000 webmasters, bloggers and journalists who are interested in publishing quality posts and articles.

Although, this is no where close to the 55,000 that HARO boasts of, however the guarantee of getting your posts published in minimum time makes it so desirable over HARO.

Why Thousands of High Quality Bloggers And Journalists Partnered With Bixtrary

According to inside sources, bloggers and journalists partnered with Bixtrary for simplicity.

Can you imagine what the inbox of a typical blogger or journalist looks like?

At best, there would be about 50 to hundred emails to read and/or respond to.

At worse, it could be 10X that figure.

And in addition to all these, the blogger or journalist have to come up with a killer content for their audience.

This would be very strenuous and time demanding.

In some cases, the blogger or webmaster could pay a Virtual Assistant or content writer thousands of dollars to produce quality posts they can publish.

However, with Bixtrary, these costs of running a successful blog or digital news media is now cut down.

When bloggers and journalists decides to partner with Bixtrary, they no longer have to go back and forth replying emails of those that want to write posts or articles for them.

In fact, many of them no longer have a “write for us” page anymore, as their partnership with Bixtrary assures them of quality posts which they can publish on their sites.

With this partnership, they no longer have to pay content writers thousands of dollars per year, or deal with those numerous emails looking to write for them.

Each Blogger, Journalist And Webmaster Is Thoroughly Vetted

Although in its beginning stages, Bixtrary often allows brand new bloggers who can abide by their policies to partner with them.

However, that is no longer the case.

There’s now a strict criteria that any website must have before Bixtrary enters into partnership with them. If a website doesn’t meet ALL of those criteria, their application will be denied.

Independence Of Each Webmaster

This is perhaps the most useful feature of Bixtrary!

In order to prevent a “link-to-me, and I link back to you” type of scheme, Bixtrary treats the websites on their partnership list with utmost privacy!

That is, no two websites/bloggers are aware of the involvement of the other party with Bixtrary. According to inside information, this was necessary in order to prevent their partnerships from becoming a link farm which Google obviously hates.

In fact, if two websites have already linked to each other in the past, both of them cannot be admitted into the Bixtrary partnership program.

Only one can be accepted into the partnership program, while the other will be rejected if they ever applied to join.

Each website is truly independent!

10 Major Niches/Categories to Choose From

Another difference between Bixtrary and HARO is the number of niches/categories you can focus on.

With HARO, there are 10 different niches, and with Bixtrary, you have 10 different niches as well.

While some categories in HARO are around topics that many people are currently not interested in at the moment, however with Bixtrary, all the categories are high impact categories that have hundreds of millions of people interested in them when combined.

These categories includes finance, home improvement, business, sports, technology, lifestyle and travel, self improvement and personal development, relationship, health and fitness, and entertainment.

And not only that…

Another thing with Bixtrary is that each of these niches/categories can be subdivided into as many small niches as applicable to you.

For example, if your business is in the broader health niche, you can further niche down into fitness equipment or dog nutrition depending on your unique business.

1 Million+ Keywords to Choose From

Another big advantage Bixtrary has is the opportunity to choose from over 1 Million Keywords from which to base your posts on.

These are the compilation of keywords provided by their blogger, webmaster and journalists partners. Each webmaster is required to submit a list of keywords whose content they’d be interested in publishing on their site.

In some cases, these list of keywords could be as long as 200 keywords per blogger.

As more and more bloggers and webmasters are being added to their partnership program, it is expected that the list of keywords will increase with time.

Pros of Using Bixtrary

Below are some of the advantages of using Bixtrary to enhance and accelerate the growth of your business online:

1. It puts you in the driver seat and back in control. Now you can have a certain degree of control of your link building and media coverage efforts.

2. Enables you to build high quality backlinks to your site, thereby helping you to rank higher in Google and increase your website visitors and customers.

3. Saves you a ton of time! The traditional time for building high quality backlinks and landing media coverage has just been reduced to the time it takes to write a good post.

4. Saves you a ton of Money. With the smallest plan of Bixtrary, you’re likely to get around 20 backlinks and brand mention per month. Most bloggers and webmasters out there charge heavily for links and brand mention. A link from a decent website would likely cost from $150 and above per link. At 20 links per month, that would be around $3,000 per month. However, with Bixtrary, you’d be charged a small fee of just $197 per month. That’s almost a savings of $2,800!

5. Makes You Money! Depending on the nature of your business, you’re likely to see a multiplied percentage of profits if you rank higher up in Google Search results, which of course, proper link building will help you achieve.

6. Penalty Proof. This is perhaps one of the most important Pros of Bixtrary. Bixtrary has a team of editors and SEO professionals that are regularly in close touch with Google’s webmasters rule as well as other events in the industry. These team of experts go through your contents, your links, your anchor texts as well as your link history with them and provide feedback if they notice anything that would trigger an alarm at Google. This way, you’re sure of not breaking any rule that will attract Google’s sledgehammer on your site.

Cons of Bixtrary

Although I won’t term them an outright disadvantage, however there are a few inconvenience you might encounter while using Bixtrary.

1. You’ll have to write the contents yourself

Bixtrary is not a link building or content marketing agency. This means that you’ll have to write the contents yourself and place your links in those content with the anchor text of your choice, and then submit it to their team of editors for review. If you’ll need multiple links to increase your rankings, this would lead to writing a great deal of content.

2. Editing is constant

Due to the fact that Bixtrary takes pride in protecting it’s users from getting penalized by Google, their team of editors make it a point of duty to thoroughly go through the posts you’ve written. And if anything is going to ring a bell at Google, you’ll be notified and asked to write your post.

Furthermore, since your post will be published on a real, live site, they will also make sure that your posts lives up to the expectations of the bloggers, webmasters and journalists who are most likely to publish your posts. These expectations includes your post being unique (and not a duplication of another post somewhere) and must be of a high quality in terms of word length and grammar.

3. Recurring Payment

Wouldn’t it be nice if we can just pay a one-time fee and get access to Bixtrary for life?

Well, it would…in a theoretical world.

However, in practical terms, Bixtrary charges a monthly or yearly recurring payment to have access to their services.

This payments would be used to offset their operating costs which could be significant in order to run a service like Bixtrary is doing.

In Conclusion..

Bixtrary is our service of choice when it comes to getting media coverage, building high quality backlinks and getting brand mentions for your company, product or service.

Not only do they employ professionals who are skilled in those areas, they’ve practically reduced the barrier that hinders many businesses from growing and making profit online.

By charging a moderate fee, businesses realizes a significant amount of savings when they start using Bixtrary. And when they start ranking higher in Google, getting more traffic and generating more customers, businesses tend to multiply their revenue and profit at the same time.

If you’re considering whether to use Bixtrary or not, I highly recommend their service, as there’s no other service right now that comes close to what Bixtrary offers and the amount of transformation their service can bring to your business.