November 16, 2019

Magic Leap’s Undersea puts an AR aquarium in your living room

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With Magic Leap’s Undersea, you can go to the aquarium every day without leaving your living room.

Earlier this week, Magic Leap released Undersea, a room-scale, spatial computing experience for the Magic Leap One AR headset. According to a news post from Magic Leap, Undersea started off as a demo with one fish that led you to a big aquarium. This week at Siggraph, Magic Leap showed off what that demo has evolved into.

Magic Leap had a mock living room set up for attendees to demo in. It was roughly the size of a small apartment living room, with a lounging couch up against the back wall. In the center was a coral reef that came up to my chest, and behind the couch was a “portal.”

To do this, you use a safe protocol named Time Stall. It’s pretty much what it says on the tin; it temporarily freezes time so that you can rearrange hazards and avoid disaster. Judging by trailer, you can expect to solve catastrophes in the ship’s kitchen, accidentally head to outer space and more. Think Wall-E meets … some superhero that can pause time.

It sounds a little like a sci-fi take on Just In Time Inc, a likeable puzzle game that cast you as client’s bodyguard. Time Stall looks a little more physics-based, though.

For now the game’s only confirmed for Oculus Quest. We wouldn’t be surprised to see it carry over to Oculus Rift at some point, but no confirmation on that for now. There’s no listed price, either.

Force Field is actually behind a good number of experiences on Quest now. A few weeks back it launched a port of its Anne Frank’s House VR experience and it also developed the National Geographic Explore VR experience for Quest launch.