September 23, 2020

Best Ways to Maintain Your Golf Clubs: Drivers, Putters and Irons

Taking care of your golf equipment’s is the same thing as taking care of yourself. That way, you won’t have to spend lots of money buying new golf drivers, putters or irons. With these few simple maintenance steps, you will keep your golf clubs in good shape and they’ll last as long as you want to keep playing with them.

So, here are the best ways to maintain your golf clubs.

Store Your Golf Clubs Properly

The most ideal place to store your golf clubs between uses or long-term is indoors, as in inside your home or condo. Never store your clubs long-term in the storage compartment of the vehicle, particularly in hot areas. (High warmth can debilitate the pastes that hold the grasp and club head set up.)

Do Not Keep Your Golf Clubs Wet

No reason to energize rust! In the event that you come in during a wet day on the course, simply give your clubs a fast wipe-down before hurling them back in the storeroom or corner.

Own and Use a Golf Towel

“Golf towel” not just any piece of cloth but a golf towel. the towel you append to your golf bag, or it can mean a towel reason made for golf players with a strengthened eyehole and extravagant wicking filaments: Attach one to your pack and use it during your round to wipe down the clubfaces and grips, particularly when dampness or flotsam and jetsam jumps on either. (Simply ensure you never hold up play while doing as such.)

Use Headcovers on Your Woods

Headcovers help secures the more sensitive and that’s only the tip of the iceberg effectively harmed heads on your driver and woods from harm when you snatch them out of the golf pack and push them back in. Or on the other hand during the bumping that happens in a vehicle trunk or on the rear of a golf truck. Spreads for your irons? A bit much. (The stars don’t utilize them.) For your putter? Not required, however never a poorly conceived notion. Numerous putters are sold with headcovers.

Clean Those Clubheads Between and After Play

Give your golf clubs a cleaning somewhere around each couple of rounds, making a point to expel dirt and flotsam and jetsam from the scores and etchings on the clubheads. It’s basic and not tedious, and just requires a delicate bristled brush, some warm water (and suds) and a towel to wipe the clubs dry.

Don’t Forget to Clean Those Grips, Too

Keeping your grips clean – evacuating earth, flotsam, and sweat, sunscreen stains, sweat – will assist them with enduring longer. What’s more, the grasps are the one piece of your golf clubs you will most likely need to supplant sometime in the not so distant future, so making them last longer is something to be thankful for.

Regularly Inspect the Grips for Wear and Tear

While cleaning your grips, make certain to search for indications of wear. Examine the holds for sparkly regions, which demonstrates smoothness, in addition to for worn regions or splits. Those are signs that it’s an ideal opportunity to think about new holds. Great grasps are fundamental to great golf – you must have the option to clutch the club, all things considered. Re-grasping is something you can do yourself in case you’re a DIY kind of individual. In any case, re-holding at an expert shop is simpler, and not over the top expensive (depending on which new grasps you pick).

Periodically Inspect the Shafts

At the point when you’re cleaning down the shafts with a delicate, dry towel (since you make sure to do that each time you clean your clubs, right?) investigate scratches, scratches or parts in the poles. On the off chance that you see any of these, it may be a great opportunity to supplant the pole (shafts will last basically always simply considering typical golf play, yet they can be harmed by getting slammed around


Obersevering these few maintenance tips to maintain your golf clubs will not only prolong its lifespan but will also prolong yours. So, endeavor to clean your equipment during and after every use before storing them.