September 23, 2020

Basic Diagnosis for Your TV Before Calling a Technician

There’s nothing more heartbreaking than having to call a technician to fix your TV you taught is faulty only for the technician to just come and change the battery on the remote control and boom! Your TV starts working again. And not forgetting you’ll have to pay a huge amount for his services.

This could actually be avoided if you have done the basic diagnosis for your TV before calling the technician. To carry out the basic diagnosis for your TV, simply follow the steps and we’ve provided below and save yourself the stress and cash you’ll have to spend on a technician.

4 Basic Diagnosis for Your TV

Check your remote

Check your remote control and general TV settings. Once in a while, we press an inappropriate button or change the settings of sound and picture.

Commonly our children do it for entertainment only or to straighten something up. So check all the remote control and TV settings. Or on the other hand, once in a while, you remote simply need battery/cell substitutions and that is the reason your TV isn’t turning on.

Let your TV breath

Let your TV breath

Our TVs discharge heat when inactivity and require air vent from the top and back. Be that as it may, all the time we utilize our TV bureau as a capacity unit or a coffee table.

This messiness around TV vent causes overheating. Furthermore, because of this overheating the TV closes down or doesn’t work appropriately. So give some space to your TV and let it relax for living.

Go to the very basic level

Your TV is an electronic gadget that requires power for activity. So check whether your TV  is appropriately connected or not. Is every one of the links connected to the opportune spot? Is the attachment working or not? Unplug your TV and fitting in a working light into it.

In the event that the light doesn’t work it implies that the issue is in the attachment and not on your TV. So call a circuit tester.

Unplug your TV and plug in your Xbox

Commonly the image quality gets twisted. The issue can be on TV or the set-top box or in the link association. So before calling a TV professional, unplug the link association and interface the TV with other picture sources like a DVD player or a blue beam or a gaming console like Xbox.

On the off chance that the image quality gets to ordinary, at that point, the issue is in your link association or set-top box and not in your TV and bad habit – Versa. So call your link association supplier, not a TV specialist.

But if you discover that the problem is in your television call for professional help.

4 Common problems with your TV and Simple Solutions Before Calling a Technician

Television turns on and off by itself

This is a very common problem with television. Try the following to solve it:

    • Unplug the TV from the electrical outlet. Keep it without power for a minute and then plug it back. Sometimes resetting the system can bring it back to function.
    • Remove the devices like remote controls/ extenders placed near your television as infrared signals emitted by them might be interfering with the TV.
    • Change the batteries in the remote control

Picture discoloration and distortion

Once in a while the TV begins typically however after here and there the image gets twisted or staining happens. To settle this switch off the TV and unplug from the attachment. Keep it in a power-off mode for a moment and afterward plug it back and turn on the power. On the off chance that conceivable check the TV with other video sources like a DVD player or gaming alternatives like play station/Xbox. In the event that the image is as yet mutilated, this implies your TV needs a fix.

The TV has a picture but no sound or sound without a picture

This can be because of straightforward issues in the sound or picture sets. So check the sound and picture settings of  your TV

A colored vertical /horizontal line is displayed at the one end of the screen

This can be because of the attractive waves originating from the speakers or other electronic gadgets put close to the TV. So move them away from your TV.

Unplug the TV for some time and afterward turn it on. Check whether it works


So, there you have it. In the event that you notice your TV is not working properly, try these basic diagnosis methods before calling the technician. This will help you save time, money and you’ll also learn something new.

However, if after trying these fixes and the problem persists, then you’ll need to contact your TV technician as soon as possible.