September 26, 2020

12 things that can damage your phone

Once we finally get that phone we’ve all being dreaming about, we want it to last a long time before thinking of getting a new one. Unfortunately, some people’s phones doesn’t last that long or might not even see the light of day. This is because of the things you do that can damage your phone.

Whether you like it or not, there are things you do knowingly or unknowingly that damages your phone. and the effect could be instant or gradual. So check out these 10 things you do that can accidentally damage your phone and also figure a way to avoid them.

12 things that can damage your phone

  • Buying and Using Fake Cables and Chargers

things that damage your phone

One of the quickest ways to damage your phone is by using a fake charger to charge your phone. Although, you might have unknowingly purchased a fake charger, but most people have the habit of buying cheap cables or chargers. most of these cheap charges are fake and have the potential of damaging your phone either immediately or overtime. Here are some ways to identify a fake cable.

  • If the charger is way too cheap, it could be fake because original product takes time and effort to be made. No manufacture would want to sell its product below production price
  • Check and compare the weight of both chargers. Fake charge are mostly lightweight because of the substandard material being used.
  • Check for special markings and labels.
  • Check the output voltage. This is important in other to avoid phone explosion. Because feeding your phone with a voltage that is higher that recommended is capable of damaging it.

So, irrespective of the phone you use, when the cables get bad, simply place an order for a new one. Once you have a quality cables, treat them with care. If you abuse them, you can cause the wires inside to break, thereby leading to shot circuit which in and of itself is a fire hazard. And stop wrapping your cables so tightly, and avoid yanking them out of the wall from the cord. Always pull them out from the actual plug.

  • Continuously Charging your Phone

Over charging can damage your phone. Although,  It may not really be a problem to leave your phone plugged in for a couple of hours once it’s charged completely, since devices can limit the power being transferred to the battery once that battery is fully charged. However, leaving your smartphone plugged in and charging all night isn’t great for the longevity of the device. Leaving the device plugged in for long periods of time can generate excess heat and damage your phone.

To avoid your phone being damaged by overcharging, always unplug it once its fully charged and avoid plunging your phone overnight without monitoring it.

  • Allowing your phone to overheat

things that damage your phone

Another way you are probably damaging your phone is by exposing them to heat. Studies have shown that at 113 degrees Fahrenheit, the devices will be adversely affected. Over heating is not only caused by prolong charging, it can also be caused by prolonged usage. Using your phone to watch movies, playing games, or even browsing for long can increase the temperature of your phone drastically. Apart from these, leaving your phone in a hot environment like inside a car or close to burner in the kitchen can raise the temperature.

The best way to avoid the effects of heat is to turn off the device. And don’t leave your phone in your car (and if you find yourself in the desert, turn that device off). So keeping your device at a comfortable temperature is a good idea to prevent accidental damage.

  • Rooting or Jail-breaking improperly

damage your phone

Rooting or jail-breaking your device could be a good or bad idea. Phone users who want to take as much control over their devices often jailbreak or root their device. There are many reasons to root or jailbreak a device as well as a reason not to. So before you proceed its best you know the dangers that lies ahead as well as the benefit. Also beware that there’s always a slim chance that an improper rooting can damage your phone. So if you must root or jailbreak your phone, do it carefully. Or better still give it to a professional in other to avoid stories that touch.

  • Exposing your phone to Liquids

Except you have a water resistance phone, then exposing your phone to liquid would damage your phone. Although not all phones that clams to be water resistance are 100 percent water resistance. They might be able able to resist certain about of water bur exposing them to liquids all the time because they are said to be water resistance might eventually damage them.

So even if your device is rated IP67 or IP68 (which indicate high levels of water resistance), use in water sparingly. It may not damage your phone right away, but eventually will over time and with repeated exposure. If your phone mistakenly falls in water, quickly remove it, turn it off, remove the battery if possible and dry it up. Or you can always use the “rice trick” submerge the phone in dry rice so all the moisture is removed. Finally, do not attempt to operate the phone until it is completely dried up.

  • Leaving your Phone Switched On All day

Imagine you working all day without taking a break or taking a nap. Although they are gadgets, but it would be nice to treat them with a little respect by giving them some time off. Shutting down or simply restarting your phone can help ensure that caches are cleared and that everything is running smoothly. Also, Shutting down the device once a week will aid with the longevity of the RAM on the device and allow certain diagnostics to be run while booting. Best time to shutdown your phone would be at night before you sleep and turn it back on when you awake. Trust me, if your phone could speak, they’ll thank you for this break

  • Filling up your phone’s storage

Filling up your phones memory can stop your phone from working probably. I’m pretty sure most of you have had this experience. To avoid this situation, it’s best you use a memory card along side with your phone memory. So always monitor your device storage and be cautious of the amount of files you download. If your memory get full quickly, you should probably uninstall some unused apps or you can transfer some of you old pictures and videos to your computer. Better still you can buy a larger capacity memory card.

  • Ignoring malware/ Virus Warning

Malware doesn’t affect laptops alone, phones are also pron to virus and malware infections. Our phones are gradually taking the place of the laptops. a phone can do virtually everything a laptop can do. That’s why a virus can also find its way to your phone.  There are several way your phone can be affected by virus

  • Downloading from an unknown store
  • browsing without protection
  • plugin your phone via USB to an infected computer
  • via Bluetooth and and sharing platform

To avoid virus infections on your phone, be careful who you collect files from, install an antivirus, do not jailbreak or root your phone and lastly, always update your OS and other Apps.

  • Plugging your phone wrongly

things that damage your phone

Being rough or careless when you’re plugging your phone in is always a bad idea, since tiny ports are easy to ruin and forcing it in is never necessary. If you can’t get the charger in, simply leave it and get a better charger. Forcing your charger into it’s charging port will only damage the charging port and eventually ruin your phone.

  • Leaving your Phone in an Unusual place

Leaving your phone in an unusual place like the couch, on the bed and even on the flow can be a very bad idea. You might forget you left them there and mistakenly step or sit on it, or someone else might do. so if you want to avoid the bumps and bruises that can add up to significant damage, it’s a good idea to put your phone on the coffee table or an end table instead. That way you can easily find i case you forgot where you kept it and wont mistakenly sit or step on it.

  • Using your phone without a Case or Screen Guard

things that destroy your phone

To protect your phone from a shattered screen, rough edges and body, its best you get a screen guard and a pouch or case for your phone. This will go a long way to help your phone look new for a very long time. A good case with a “lip” around the edge is ideal, and a tough screen protector is a good idea, too.

Unfortunately, not everyone likes to use a pouch or screen guard. So if u decide to do without one, be ready to always buy a new screen and change the phone case whenever it goes bad.

  • Flashing the wrong ROM (Read Only Memory)

destroy your phone


There are many ROMs out there for Android devices — ROMs that bring all kinds of amazing functionality or even just a bare minimum of functionality. But if you flash the wrong ROM onto your device, it will be toast. Flashing an incorrect ROM could even render the cell radio dead. Make absolutely sure that you’re flashing a ROM that was designed for your specific device. You have been warned.


So with all that’s been said, i believe we learnt a few things about how to take care and avoid our phones from failing. Apart from our phones, we need to take proper care of our laptops we use for businessBluetooth speakers, headphones, and other computer gadgets around us.