September 23, 2020
how to maintain your headphone

How To Maintain Your Headphones

If you have a pair of headphones and you want to keep them looking and sounding as good as new, Or perhaps you own a pair that could use a boost in the bass or treble departments. Maybe you have excellent earbuds but aren’t cleaning them the proper way. Or you probably don’t know how to maintain your headphones and earbuds.

Whatever the case, you’ve come to the right place. These basic tips will help you get the most out of your headphones, ensuring they sound their best and remain in good shape for years to come.

5 Ways On How To Maintain Your Headphones

Handle the Cables with Care

how to maintain your headphone

If you have one of those headphones with cables, then you need to handle them with care.

This is perhaps the most important rule when it has to do maintaining a wired headphone. For safekeeping, always wind the cable or Loop the cable around a few fingers so that it follows its natural coil. Storing the cables this way will help avoid internal cable damage. Wadding a cable up will likely create kinks and breakage points over time, even if the outside of the cord looks undamaged.

For headphones, keeping the link twisted is about as basic as utilizing the capacity pocket that comes generally combines. They are generally intended to hold a link that has been coiled.

For earphones, it tends to be somewhat trickier on the off chance that they are huge. In the event that the link is separable when looking at models while shopping—evacuating the link and wrapping it up, at that point protecting it with a contort tie or velcro wrap will go far toward drawing out its life. However, if you can’t evacuate the link or cable, winding it and tying it is still suggested, yet leave some slack close to the earcups, which will take into consideration better on the off chance that capacity, and furthermore help forestall any pressure at the connection point.

In the long run, most links will shrink with rehashed use—subsequently, replaceable links offer an opportunity to broaden the life of your buy. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you deal with the link and oppose the impulse to just wad it up, it’ll likely function without failure for quite a long time (and you’ll spend far fewer aggregate hours of your life tangling ropes).

Note that this guidance likewise applies to remote and exercise-accommodating earphones, however, there’s much less string to stress over. To keep away from string intricacies totally, think about a couple of true wireless earphones.

Keep Them Clean

If you have a headphone, irrespective of whether they’re supra-aural (on-ear) or circumaural (over-the-ear), earwax buildup shouldn’t be an issue. But if the earpads get sweaty (from exercise or just regular use), you might be able to wash them off.

It’s very important to first make sure you know the IP rating. They should have a rating of at least IP5, or ideally closer to IP7. This information you can probably find on the manufacturer’s product page. Some headphones will have removable and replaceable earpads that can be bought as accessories from the manufacturer.

How to maintain your headphone

Earwax can block out treble, alter the stereo image, and also look mighty unappealing. So you’ll want to clean them regularly to avoid earwax buildup. Unfortunately, only a handful of earphones are ship with earwax cleaning tools. But the good news is you can purchase these tools online for less than $10.

These earwax cleaning tools are a tiny tool that scrapes earwax out of the inside of your earphones’ silicone eartips and off of the driver nozzles. They are not for cleaning earwax out of your actual ears.

Use Apps for Better Sound

how t maintain your headphone

It’s anything but difficult to rapidly and fundamentally change the sound mark of your earphones with an application, and this is once in a while an extraordinary thought. In the event that you couldn’t care less for the manner in which they sound out of the case, utilizing an application to change things is probably not going to make you all of a sudden cherish them. In any case, unpretentious utilization of EQ applications can accomplish a wide range of helpful outcomes. It’s an extraordinary method to mitigate excessively supported bass (a typical component in the present models) or to tame some excessively sibilant high-mids, for example.

There are a lot of multi-band EQ applications that will send your cell phone’s sound yield through a few customizable groups of EQ. Two that we like to incorporate EQ 10 and Equalizer+ HD. The secret to these is to use as meager boosting or cutting as would be prudent—if the main thing you truly need to adjust is the bass reaction, take a stab at boosting it a little and don’t fiddle with different brands.

Sonarworks Genuine FiIf you’re attempting to diminish sibilance on vocals, begin by boosting to make them sound progressively serious, at that point cut the band that builds the sibilance most significantly—commonly some place amidst the 4kHz-10kHz. A large number of these EQ applications have preset for jazz, shake, or different types, however altering your very own and utilizing inconspicuous strokes will give an additionally compensating background that is better custom-made to your earphones and your inclinations.

In case you’re tuning in on your PC, there are programming projects out there that take straightforward EQ applications to the following dimension. Sonarworks Genuine Fi, for example, takes your earphone model, sex, and age (on the off chance that you supply this data) into a record, and alters your sound mark as per a gauge the producer cases is nearer to what you’d hear in a blending studio. From that sound mark, you would then be able to modify certain parts of the sound to taste, for example, bass profundity.

Get Serious With Pre-Amps and DACs

Where EQ applications expect to reshape the sound mark of your earphones’ drivers, advanced to-simple converters (DACs) are tied in with improving the general sound quality, rather than the recurrence reaction of the earphones. The default DAC you depend on most days is the one covered up inside your cell phone. It changes over the advanced sign from the telephone to a simple sign your earphones can yield (accepting that you’re utilizing wired earphones or headphones). Regularly, this bit of the assembling riddle is a lower need for telephone makers than, state, the processor, and is thus an opportunity to cut expenses.

Ongoing arrangements offered by certain makers go from a versatile earphone preamp/DAC that fittings into your telephone (the RHA Dacamp L1), to a straightforward, little DAC for the home and PCs (the Audioengine D1) that can likewise be tossed in a pack for convenient use.

You plug your earphones into the preamp/DAC, and the outcomes are quite often evident and positive. Most DACs offer higher sign to-clamor proportions, lower twisting, and the capacity to play high-goals records with high bitrate and test rates without bringing down their quality. You don’t need to realize what each and every one of these highlights implies—the fact of the matter is, these gadgets handle a procedure that most cell phones impair, and they increase the fidelity of your sound.

Start at the (Sound) Source

If you care most about getting the best sound presentation out of your earphones conceivable, it’s a great opportunity to concur with certainty that: Most spilling sound administrations can’t contend with a nearby, amazing record. Notwithstanding, a few administrations are putting forth top-notch streams, yet except if you’re in disconnected mode, streams are as yet dependent on web signal quality, a factor that won’t become possibly the most important factor when tuning in to a privately put away document on wired earphones.

Obviously, many spilling music administrations like Spotify perform vital jobs throughout your life by acquainting you with new music. Yet, when you realize you truly like that new music, it’s a smart thought to download a superb form of the melody or collection you need. When you have the alternative, choose lossless document groups, like FLAC, Apple Lossless, or unadulterated, uncompressed 24-bit WAV (the biggest record type, so know about capacity).

In the event that that isn’t an alternative, ensure you’re getting the most you can out of your streams. Go into your administration’s settings and ensure both Stream Quality and Download Quality are set to the High or Extraordinary setting. They’ll utilize more data transfer capacity and capacity, however, the sound quality will be a lot higher. Spotify’s Extraordinary stream quality is 320kbps, which means it has twice as much sound data as a Typical 160kbps stream. Tidal is a standout amongst the best-realized gushing administrations devoted to lossless (1411Kbps FLAC) music.

The vast majority accept they can’t hear the distinction between a high bitrate sound record and a low-to-mid-range quality stream of a similar document. A few audience members will hear the distinction promptly, and others may not so much notice a distinction at first, however that is simply because your ears need a touch of preparing. I guarantee that on the off chance that you download the most astounding quality variant of a well-recorded, well-known track and tune in to the 24-bit WAV form solely a few times throughout seven days, when you tune in to a lower bitrate stream of precisely the same track through precisely the same setup and earphones, you will see contrasts. Bass reaction may appear to be muddier, or less incredible in the sub-bass domain. High recurrence clearness may take a plunge, and vocals may sound less fresh. Which are all to state: Your source material issues.

There are just four ways, and the best part is, you can do some or all of them, and it’ll still make a difference.
  • Improve Your Music Quality.
  • Get A DAC.
  • Get A Headphone Amp.
  • Supercharge Your Headphones.


With these tips above, I believe you must have gained a few knowledge on how to maintain your headphones that’s if you have one, if you don’t you can get one here. Also, if you love great sounds, you can as well get a Bluetooth speaker to complement your headphones.