September 26, 2020

Tips to improve Battery life of Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Wireless technology is everywhere today and has been incorporated into almost every device. Nowadays we have wireless speakers, wireless headphones, wireless printers, and even wireless keyboards and mouse. Despite the numerous advantage they offer, without proper maintenance on, they might fail quickly. Below, I will be highlighting some tips on how to improve the battery life of a wireless keyboard and mouse.

Improve Battery life of a wireless keyboard and mouse

  • Turn off the devices when not in use

improve battery life

The most important hint to recall is turning the remote gadgets (console and mouse) off when not being used. Doing as such improves the battery life of a remote console as it were. You can utilize the manual mood killer technique to turn off your mouse/console when you are done for the day.


if you look carefully, there is a little on/off switch at the base of your remote mouse that you can use to physically turn it off. Utilizing this button is significant in light of the fact that despite the fact that your remote mouse is left inactive for a couple of minutes or hours, it isn’t turned off totally. They rest when there is no action seen yet wake up promptly when they have driven aside or moved around inside your sack or in your grasp—and this development can utilize a great deal of intensity!

  • Keep keyboard away from large metal surfaces

A keyboard does not have an On/Off switch. The keyboard ought to be put nearer to the PC, inside 30 cm (12 in), and far from obstruction from other electrical or remote gadgets, particularly speakers and mobile phones. Besides, it ought not to be utilized on enormous metal surfaces.

  • Keep Mouse & Keyboard at the same level surface

In the event that you are utilizing both, the mouse and the keyboard all the while, ensure they are inside 100 cm (39 in) of the PC and on a similar dimension surface.

  • Use Mouse on light-colored surfaces

improve battery life

Continuously utilize the mouse on a light-shaded surface or ideally on a misty surface. Utilizing the mouse over a dim hued surface, for example, the dark or dim blue surface can drain the battery channel quicker. Likewise, never utilize the mouse on a glass surface, since the following sensor in a remote mouse utilizes more power on such surfaces causing the consumption of the battery at a lot quicker rate.

  • Use keyboard more where necessary

Use keyboard where essential! The more you move your mouse, the more power it consumes. That is on the grounds that it has a laser which devours more power. Along these lines, If you know some extraordinary console alternate routes and can utilize them instead of mouse cursor use them. This will enormously decrease the work weight on your mouse along these lines helping you get more life out of your mouse batteries.

  • Restrict Mouse-intensive activities

Invest less energy doing mouse-escalated exercises, for example, searching the Internet and when supplanting batteries, utilize antacid batteries. In spite of the fact that AA batteries aren’t profoundly costly, I would suggest getting battery-powered batteries and a charger. It costs significantly less than getting AA batteries supplanted regularly.

  • Check the Keyboard/mouse battery-level indicator

At the point when on a Windows Desktop, move the mouse over the mouse or the keyboard battery-level marker in the System Tray.

Green – demonstrates a full battery.

Yellow – demonstrates the battery is half full.

Red – demonstrates the time has come to change the battery.

  • Place Wireless devices always near the computer

At the point when the remote gadgets are not being used, always store them adjacent your PC.

There is no enchantment equation for improving the battery life of a remote keyboard and mouse radically yet keeping these tips in psyches will definitely assist you with improving the equivalent somewhat.