September 26, 2020

Reasons to Choose Mac Computers over Windows PC

If you are contemplating whether to buy Mac computers or a Windows computer, worry no more as you have click on the right link. Or maybe you’re just curious and you want to know what Mac computers can do better than a Windows computer.

Actually, there are lots of things that Mac computers can do better than a Windows PC. Also, there are lots of things a Windows PC can do those Mac computers can’t do. For example, you can run windows on Mac computers whereas you cant run MacOS or any of its software on Windows PC. Although we’re not here to argue about which is better, we believe they are both unique in there own way. But if you need reasons to choose Mac computers over a Windows PC, here are 10 reasons for you below.

Here are 10 reasons why you should buy a Mac instead of a Windows PC:

Mac computers

There are fewer models and configurations of Mac computers to choose from than there are Windows PCs. This is because only Apple makes Macs and anyone can make Windows PCs.

Some PC brands can have dozens of laptop’s for sale under the same (or similar) product names and model numbers. Except you really know what to look for, picking a Windows PC can be confusing.

But if you need a good computer and don’t want to do a ton of research, Apple makes it easier for you to select. Just pick one that matches your budget and it’ll work exactly how you want it to.

2. Mac computers are easier to get repaired.

When your windows PC is faulty, there are lots of places to take it to get repaired. you mostly need to figure out which one will be best for you. Different places have different prices, and you’ll need to find one with a good reputation as well.

On the other hand, nothing beats simply taking your computer to an Apple Store, where the “Genius Bar” will take care of you. Although they might charge you more, you’ll be satisfied with the way your system is being handled and fixed.

3. Apple MacOS is Simpler to use

Although this is debatable, it actually depends on personal preference. Windows 10 and its previous version is a fantastic operating system with tons of features and functionality, but it can be a little cluttered. Apple macOS, the operating system formerly known as Apple OS X, offers a comparatively clean and simple experience.

Also, according to research, people find apple laptops more friendly to use than windows.

4. The Apple Ecosystem

The Apple biological system is difficult to beat. Joined with a Mac, gadgets like the iPhone, AirPods, iPad, Apple Watch, HomePods, and Apple TV, offer some sort of helpful mix that makes certain things consistent and simple. Up until this point, no other organization or environment has approached the simple and smooth reconciliation between Apple’s home-constructed gadgets.

5. Macs come with some great software for free.

Apple system comes with built-in software like iMovie, Garage Band, and Image Capture, among others. This software makes it easy to work and edit videos, create music, or transfer photos from your camera. They’re a lot better than anything you can find preloaded on Windows PCs.

6. Absence of Bloatware

Windows PCs are regularly preloaded with a huge amount of alleged bloatware. These can be third party applications you don’t need and can jumble up your system.

Regardless of whether you purchase a new copy of Windows 10 from Microsoft, it’ll accompany applications and games like Candy Crush Saga, which debases the look and feel of Windows — as I would see it, in any case. You can generally remove that bloatware, as they may contain harmful files.

Although the preloaded programming on Macs probably won’t be everybody’s choice, either, yet at any rate, it’s less hostile.

7. New versions of macOS are always free.

At whatever point Apple discharges another form of its working framework, it’s uninhibitedly accessible to download and introduce on any Mac that supports it.

Windows 10 gets free updates, as well, on a two times per year plan.

Be that as it may, in case you’re still using the old version of Windows, including the still famous Windows 7, or the later Windows 8 or 8.1, you will need to pay to get current on Windows 10.

While Microsoft offered that overhaul for free for the main year or so after Windows 10 turned out, that time is long finished and it’s no freer.

8. Most Mac Computers have beautiful displays.

mac computers

Macintoshes have lovely “Retina” shows that are sharp and lively. Windows PCs can likewise accompany the extraordinary display, some of which are much keener or better in general, yet you need to truly chase through a considerable number models accessible to discover one with a sharp screen.

All things considered, if a decent display is on your agenda, maintain a strategic distance from the less expensive, lighter MacBook Air workstation. It utilizes Apple’s more seasoned presentations that are not even close as pleasant as the later Retina models.

9. Mac Computers have the best trackpads.

mac computers

Hardly any, Windows PCs have mouse trackpads that are even near the trackpads on Apple’s PCs. Any MacBook has a responsive mouse trackpad that just feels right. Windows trackpads can be questionable and sometimes awkward to the touch. This is why most people who use windows pc still make use of an external mouse.

10. You can run Windows on Macs if you want.

If you want all the benefits of a Mac but need Windows for certain situations, you can install Microsoft’s operating system on your Mac. On the other hand, you can’t run macOS on anything other than Mac computers from Apple. Although it, not advisable to run Windows OS on mac because windows are easily attacked by malware and virus. But if you can deal with the situation, why not.

It’s down to the individual as to which is easier to use. You can run windows on Mac OS X but not vice-versa, although OS X on a PC wouldn’t work as well as on a Mac. There are also differences in hardware in that Macs are only built by Apple, whereas Windows PCs are built by a number of companies.
Windows works well mostly on Mac. If you need to run the odd Windows application on your Mac, you should definitely consider running a virtual machine. However, sometimes you really do just need to run Windows natively, whether it’s for gaming or you just can’t stand OS X any longer
It is only worth installing if you are going to actually use it. If you are installing it via Boot Camp (which means you reboot your Mac to use Windows), there are no performance issues — you will be using Windows on a native Intel machine. It will work as good or better than a PC with similar specs.